How Avocado Supplement and Soy Extract Work

The active ingredient in Avasun’s avocado and soy supplement is Avocado Soy Unsaponifiables or ASU for short. ASU’s are the oil based extracts from both avocados and soy. Our specially formulated product combines these two superfood extracts in a 1 to 2 ratio for optimal results.

ASU Been Shown To

Block Pro-inflammatory Chemicals

Decrease Inflammatory Pathways At The Cellular Level

Prevent Deterioration of Cells and Connective Tissue Lining The Joint

Decrease Pain Signaling Pathways Through Its Action On Prostaglandin E2

Regenerate Cartilage and Connective Tissue

Avocado and Soy Supplement Benefits

Avasun’s avocado and soy supplement is the best joint support supplement for individuals passionate about maintaining joint health all throughout their life. An adventurous lifestyle can be amazing but the human body has limitations. Running, climbing and other forms of cardio strain the bodies joints and wears away at its natural joint lubrication. With the help from Avasun’s avocado and soy supplement, joints are made stronger.

Best Joint Support Supplement

Take care of any joint discomfort with the aid of Avasun and take the proper steps to make sure your body can keep up for many years to come!

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