Vacationing with severe knee pain is just hard and mostly not fun. You have no idea when it will become bad enough that you won’t be able to walk and need help. Hence many people who suffer from severe knee pain simply don’t go on vacation. When you suffer from osteoarthritis, life can be both difficult and challenging. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun. In fact, there is one vacation destination that can be an ideal spot for those suffering from knee pain. Las Vegas! Let me explain why. 

First the weather is ideal for osteoarthritis. Studies over the years have shown that the ideal weather for people suffering from this type of severe knee pain do best when it is hot and dry. And what better way to describe the Vegas weather than hot and dry. Desert destinations are ideal for this type of condition and Vegas is the city of the desert. But unlike most other desert destinations Vegas has the infrastructure of a city. There are benches everywhere,transportation, and access to wheelchairs if you need them. 

Second, Vegas has tons of access to jacuzzis and hot springs. Those types of baths can help alleviate the pain and swelling and in Vegas you won’t have to travel far for either. Many times you just have to take the elevator to your own hotels jacuzzi. The city was designed for you to never have to leave your hotel for anything and you can take advantage of that to help out your joint pain! 

Finally, service service service. Because the entire city (and any hotel) was designed to keep you inside and gambling, the employees and hotels take pride in service. If you need anything, they can and usually do get it for you. Because of that, you can rely on them to help you out whenever joint pain becomes severe. Need a wheelchair, they will usually get one for you. Transportation? They will get that for you. Doctor? Heck they can even do that. You can be relaxed and enjoying yourself knowing that whatever you need is simply available through your own hotel’s service. 

So what are you waiting for? Go to Vegas and have fun! But remember not to blow all your savings and the grandkids’ college funds on the slot machines.