I know what you are thinking? Wait the shoe matters when you are exercising with bad knee pain? Are you just trying to sell us something? Nope! Don’t believe us, well as it turns out someone did a study.

Yup, turns out the right shoe does matter. How do you know you have the right one? Or what it even is? Well this is all about you. See, it varies from person to person. Each person’s OA is slightly different and is worse in some parts of the knee than others. Tthe goal is to find a shoe that puts the least amount of stress possible in that part of the knee that hurts you the most. 

As it turns out, a lot of specialty stores can help you out in this process. So definitely go to a place that specializes in athletic shoes and let them know you have knee pain and need a good pair of athletic shoes. They can help you. Remember that their goal is to sell you a shoe, any shoe, so if they know you are gonna buy, they are gonna make sure to find you the perfect one. 

I know, you want some brands at least to start in the right direction. Fine, we will recommend some brands that people love and seem to be the most liked:

  • New Balance 813 walking shoe offers motion-control technology, supportive cushioning, and leather uppers, which is just a fancy way of saying the upper part of the shoe is made out of leather. Another one that people love is the
  • Brooks Glycerine. It optimizes pressure distribution from heel to forefoot, while the Adrenaline’s extended diagonal rollbar offers extra stability. And finally, runners and walkers who suffer from knee pain recommend shoes from
  • Asics GEL-Equipped Collections, such as the GEL-Quickwalk, GEL-Foundation Walker 3, and the GEL-Nimbus.

So now go out and get the right shoe. But remember, this is just one thing to help you out. You still need to do the right exercises and lifestyle to combat that knee pain. But at least now, you will have the right shoe for it.