Everyone with severe knee pain from osteoarthritis hates to travel. Lets be honest, vacationing with severe knee pain is just hard and it saps the fun out of the whole thing. You have no idea when it will flare up and you are stuck somewhere without the care that you need and access to a bed might be miles away.

So a lot of us, just don’t go. Chalk it up to something you have to give up because of the disease.

Well screw that! Yeah, you heard me. Throw that out the window. Why? Because guess what, have you ever tried a cruise? Let me explain why a cruise might be the perfect travel for those suffering from knee pain.

First, there are plenty of cruise vacations that specifically cater to people with disabilities! Yes you heard that right, you can find cruise vacations specifically designed to help people suffering from disabilities that can help accommodate all your issues.

Second, cruises are self contained. Everything is on board the ship. So you can keep walking to a minimum. Knees get tired? Have a seat. Need an ice pack, the cruise will have one. Need to lay for a while, how about laying on the sundeck.

Did I mention the damn service? Cruise operators design cruises to pamper you. Why not let them so you can take a break from your knee pain too. Food delivered, curbside service, people to haul your luggage. You name it, they have it.

Finally, cruises have medical staff on board! People get sick so they make sure to have some medical personal on board to help you out. No need to worry about what could happen, they have you covered.

So stop wasting around and moping. Book a cruise and take a vacation. If you are suffering from knee pain, you deserve it!