Crispy Tofu with Onion

Tofu is a healthy food eaten in both forms raw and cooked. While for many of us it's not a go-to, it is full of proteins and nutrients (and of course all those unsaponifiables) as well as providing high levels of calcium, proteins and iron. It's also nothing to be scared of, from a food [...]

Chilled Avocado Soup

OK I know what you are thinking? Chilled avocado soup? What? Who eats that? Well trust me. This thing is freaking delicious and nutritious at the same time. Also, it takes like no work and almost anyone can do it. Try it out and tell me this wasn’t the easiest recipe you have ever made. [...]

Avocado Smoothie

When summer comes and the heat picks up, it seems that we all crave cold beverages and shakes to get relief from the summer heat. But often those beverages come filled with tons of calories and sugar and very little on the nutrition side of things. That is why I recommend people start to make [...]