ASU Clinical Study 4 in Plain English

After three successful clinical studies on ASU that showed it can improve function and decrease pain in individuals suffering from osteoarthritis, the next step was to conduct what is called a meta-analysis. Now what exactly is a meta-analysis? Simply put, it is when you combine multiple trials from different researchers and use all that data [...]

Chilled Avocado Soup

OK I know what you are thinking? Chilled avocado soup? What? Who eats that? Well trust me. This thing is freaking delicious and nutritious at the same time. Also, it takes like no work and almost anyone can do it. Try it out and tell me this wasn’t the easiest recipe you have ever made. [...]

ASU Clinical Study 3 in Plain English

After the previous two studies found that ASU could provide symptomatic relief to individuals suffering from osteoarthritis, a third trial was conducted. In this third trial a much larger number of subjects participated, 260 total compared to the 150 in the prior two studies. The researchers conducted this trial using gold standard principles: multiple centers, [...]

ASU Clinical Study 1 in Plain English

When dealing with joint pain and arthritis, one of the potential problems that arises is that the typical medications used to combat joint pain, both analgesics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), typically have a less favorable safety profile. Basically, these drugs, think opioids and Celebrex, have significant side effects that make them a less than [...]

How to Travel with Knee Pain

As anyone with knee osteoarthritis can tell you, traveling can be a giant pain - literally. Most of the time the pain in your knee increases as a result of the travel. What occurs here is a phenomenon known as “gelling.” Simply put, this is when the synovial fluid that lubricates your knee and joints [...]

Avocado Smoothie

When summer comes and the heat picks up, it seems that we all crave cold beverages and shakes to get relief from the summer heat. But often those beverages come filled with tons of calories and sugar and very little on the nutrition side of things. That is why I recommend people start to make [...]

Best Gym Equipment for Joint Pain

People with joint pain and arthritis always have a dilemma. Exercise is known to be beneficial for joints and arthritis but many times can exacerbate pain and swelling. So what are you supposed to do? The key is finding the right exercise. While running a marathon or climbing a mountain are probably not the best [...]