When summer comes and the heat picks up, it seems that we all crave cold beverages and shakes to get relief from the summer heat. But often those beverages come filled with tons of calories and sugar and very little on the nutrition side of things. That is why I recommend people start to make their own healthy alternatives, like this avocado treat. These not only taste great but are packed with the nutrients that we all need. Here is a particular favorite of mine. 

Packed with the anti-inflammatory antioxidants that can help fight inflammation, lower back pain, and even get your joints healthier. This is a variation on a Moroccan avocado smoothie that has been a particular favorite in Morocco for years. We have just adjusted the ingredients slightly to retain that same great taste but add just a bit more nutrition and decrease the sugar. This smoothie will taste so good that you will forget that you are drinking something that is supposed to be good for you! 


  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 1 tablespoon of honey  
  • 2 cups soy milk  
  • 1 frozen banana  
  • 3-4 ice cubes

This is beyond easy:

  1. First, combine the peeled and pitted avocado, honey, and soy milk in a blender. Blend until it reaches a smooth consistency. 
  2. Add frozen banana and keep blending until it once again reaches smooth consistency. 
  3. Add ice cubes one at a time and keep blending until the consistency reaches your desired preference. 
  4. Serve.

Let me know how it tastes! I love it and I love it even more knowing I just put in ingredients that are good for me.