Arthritis is a chronic ailment which affects millions of people, differing in age. There is no known cure and some of the symptoms include stiffness and joint pain. Although there is no known cure, there are vitamins that contain avocado supplement benefits for joints and foods that have been known to help with joint pain. Below we list the food items to start including in meals to make your joints stronger: 


avocado supplement benefits

Apples contain anti-inflammatory polyphenols. This is especially useful for those suffering from arthritis as their joints become swollen and inflamed due to the disease. Apples are a good and natural substitute for Vitamin C, which has been known to also help joint inflammation. Make sure you are keeping the skin on the apples, as that is where polyphenols are the most concentrated.


Avocado is also a known food to help arthritis/osteoarthritis. It contains natural anti-inflammatory properties. Avocado has also been known to help promote the repair of cartilage, which appears in joints. Try our new Avasun supplement that contains avocado to get the full avocado supplement benefits which are useful to promote joint health.


People with arthritis should try to incorporate more onions into their diet. Onions are also known to contain anti-inflammatory properties as well as help reduce the symptoms of arthritis. Onions, like apples, contain polyphenols which is one of the biggest micronutrients known to improve and help joint pain.

avocado supplement benefits

Overall, trying these foods cannot harm, but help you and your arthritis. They are worth giving a try! Try to incorporate these, and other anti-inflammatory foods into your diet to help reduce arthritis pain and symptoms.

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